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2021 - Ongoing


LunarCon is an in-game convention for Final Fantasy XIV, an MMORPG made be Square Enix. The convention was built with the goal of being a celebration of the game’s previous expansion and to get together to celebrate Endwalker, the new expansion coming this fall. 

We worked with the team behind LunarCon to help bring the event to life with a built from the ground up website, social media announcement animations, branding and more! 

Shenpai, the founder of LunarCon expressed interest in getting a website created, which is where we at Elam Graphics joined in on the process. Over the course of this four-monthlong journey we created thousands of assets for the convention.



User experience at the core

Starting the process, we knew we wanted to create something not only visually appealing but had user experience as its core value. Every step of the way we had meetings with the team about how users might use the website and how to build it accordingly to create a seamless experience.

We started by creating a stylescape for the LunarCon brand to get a rapid launch for announcements, along with UI & UX concepts.

LunarCon website user flow explained
LunarCon Stylescape

How it all came together

Bringing in the core ethos of a community convention at heart, we were able to build out the LunarCon brand & website into the ultimate Final Fantasy XIV convention.

LunarCon Website Design in full
LunarCon website in use gif

Don’t forget mobile

Every aspect of the LunarCon website was made with reactive elements in mind, allowing the website’s content to be viewed across any device, no matter where you are.

Lunarcon website on mobile

Get your own LunarCon Badge!

One of the core systems we implemented into the LunarCon website was the ability to create your own LunarCon badge using a screenshot of your FFXIV character.

LunarCon create your own badge
Lunarcon badges created by fans

Tournaments and more

One of the major things that players can get involved with during LunarCon is the various contests, tournaments and more. We helped create teaser trailers for many of the tournaments, such as the PvP (Player versus Player) tournament.


Special guests and Social Media

We worked with the LunarCon team to create animations to announce VIPs coming to LunarCon leading up to the event, along with general social media announcements.

Lunarcon 14 days remaining
lunarcon welcome turtlesmithy
Client's Team Leaders
Shenpai, Crystaahhl, MaxPoetic, Vizodi
Creative Director
Josiah "Elam" Lind
Illustrator of LunarCon Logo
Badge Creator Development
Brody 'Cowit' Smith
Music, Audio, Video and Imagery Assets
Final Fantasy XIV & Square Enix

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