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2014 - Current

Legacy Esports – Social Media Brand Identity

Legacy Esports is one of the most established and successful organisations in the burgeoning Oceanic Region with over 40 players, content creators, and streamers. Legacy Esports has a strong social media following with tens of thousands of followers all across the world watching their teams compete in high-level esports tournaments in Oceania.  

Elam Graphics works with Legacy Esports on a daily basis to create social media assets to help tell their stories, communicate with their fans and grow their community.

Legacy Esports Social Media Designs

Legacy Esports 2020 – the look and feel

Learning from the past four years of Legacy Esports we knew that we wanted to create something new and fresh for the fans on social media. Using a “Glitch” aesthetic for the primary guidance we created a design style which continued to evolve throughout the year.

Legacy esports styling and logo

Getting the type right

We knew that choosing the correct typeface for the job would give us the perfect launching platform into the rest of Legacy Esports social media.

Taking from the Legacy Esports base logo type we chose “Magistral” as the hero typeface for all graphics due to its flexibility with multiple weights and the appeal as this sort of typeface wasn’t being used by any of Legacy Esports competitors, allowing for it to be unique in the marketspace.

Legacy esports fonts used

Legagreen and its family

Legacy Esports colour family was updated this year with specific colours for many use cases across all of its social media. We went with high contrasting colours to help readability on all devices along with a blue hue for backgrounds to help bring life to the designs.

Legacy esports colour scheme

Who are Legacy’s fans? What do they want to see?

Your typical esports fan following Legacy will want a lot of things out of their social media to keep up with the team. From their upcoming matches, results, merch and more. We knew we had a lot of graphics ahead so building out templates we decided was the best way to cover the most ground in an effective way.

Legacy esports fans
Legacy Esports FansLegacy esports fans

#LGCWIN – Match day

To help build the hype for match day we have various match day animations which are pushed out across all social media platforms and to update how we want in those matches. All of these animations come with different sizes to go across different platforms.


Players get branding too

To help our players and content creators social media fall in line with our branding we have social media headers for Facebook and Twitter created for each and every player on the team displaying vital information about them. This helps any positional articles that may be written about them as the information is right at the top of their social media.

Legacy esports players twitter banners

General Business announced well

Lastly there is more than just match days, player brandings and schedules to keep in mind, there is also general business and announcements that need to be taken care of. We have created graphics for all of these and more.

legacy esports twitter graphics
After implementation

"Elam Graphics is a hard-working and diligent graphic artist company. They are able to create high quality work on short deadlines and without complaint. A pleasure to work with."

Tim Wendel - Owner of Legacy Esports

Legacy Esports
Creative Director
Josiah "Elam" Lind