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Legacy Esports Website

Legacy Esports is one of the most established and successful organisations in the burgeoning Oceanic Region. Having over 40 players, content creators, and streamers Legacy Esports’ website serves as a one-stop-shop for the community to get updates about the esports organisation. Not only does it gain the attention of new partners but it updates existing partners through the news feed.

Legacy Esports wanted a new website design after the 2020 brand redesign. As such, we stepped in to create an engaging website redesign that aimed to improve not only the aesthetics but improve the user experience.

Legacy Esports website mockup

Starting the process

We knew from the get-go with this design we wanted to take our time to create something beautiful for Legacy Esports, we ensured to take our time planning out the content that needed to go on the website so that everything that a viewer wants to find they can find with ease.

We also wanted to ensure that the website continued the Legacy Esports branding from their social media which we had also created.

Legacy Esports sitemap

Web Design starts with a solid wireframe

One of the key things we wanted to improve on from the previous website strategy was to have a solid wireframe to work off from early on in the design. Using bootstrap as a guideline, we created wireframes for some of the main pages to act as a template for the rest.

Legacy Esports wesbite wireframesLegacy Esports website full

Excellent planning leads to engaging design

Since the release of the new Legacy Esports website in 2020, we have seen a massive increase to the traffic to the website when linked to our social media and from people interested in learning more about Legacy Esports.

Legacy Esports website show off
Legacy esports website on mobile

Reactive lead design

Every element and layout designed kept mobile in mind; we wanted to ensure that the website could be effectively seen not only at any screen size but on any device.


Roster updates and more

Staying up to date with an esports team can be difficult sometimes, and if you even away for a few days from social media, entire rosters can be changed. With this in mind, we created a news system that can be sorted by game so that people can stay up to date with their latest players news and more.

Legacy esports news animation
After implementation

"Elam Graphics is a hard-working and diligent graphic artist company. They are able to create high quality work on short deadlines and without complaint. A pleasure to work with."

Tim Wendel - Owner of Legacy Esports

Legacy Esports
Creative Director
Josiah "Elam" Lind