Redefining “Hysterics”

Hysterics – Stream branding

Hysterics is a shoutcaster known in the OCE and SEA regions as one of the best in the business and up until recently hasn’t had a branding to his name for his personal streams and broadcasts.

Over the course of a month, we worked closely with Hysterics to create a personalized and unique branding for both his streams and more to come in the future.

Hysterics stream overlays hero

Identity discovered through the process

We knew very early on throughout the process that Hysterics wanted a style that was inspired by the Joker from film and comics. As such we created the idea of taking this quite literally through using the suit of cards typically found in card playing games as a base for his branding.

Through taking this time to go through multiple concepts and blocking out the designs we were able to create an extremely strong brand that felt connected in all areas.

Hysterics stream animations blockingHysterics stream overlay versions WIP

Ensuring there is always something happening

One of the core things that can often happen in a live stream is that the intermissions can be a bit boring if there isn’t a lot going on with the broadcast graphics. With this in mind we aimed to create amazing and eye catching intermission animations to ensure that attention was caught and kept during these times.


In game, In queue

One of the core overlays that you will see in ninety percent of the live stream will be these overlays creating something that both visually catches people’s eyes but doesn’t distract from the content being delivered. This be tricky but we managed to strike a balance with these designs.

Hysterics stream in queue overlay
Hysterics stream overlay in game

Subscribers, Donators, Bits

To really bring the branding together we created a suite of animations built from the ground up based on cards for alerts that play throughout the stream. These will trigger whenever someone would donate or subscribe.

Creative Director
Josiah "Elam" Lind
Siobhan “Mizu” Franks
Skye “Mayushii” Lavelle